Welcome to CFN®: Classy Features and News®

Hi, ladies!

CFN® is about empowering today’s classy ladies in an ever-evolving world. You are on-the-go, you are busy, you are balancing the needs of friends, family, work, sports, and more. CFN® offers you the convenience of knowing the news and finding classy stories to celebrate.

CFN® came to light during my sophomore year of college. I realized I could barely read The Wall Street Journal and knew my friends had trouble, too. It was easier to read a gossip magazine’s site and find out about celebrities than figure out any news crisis. As I brainstormed this idea during managerial accounting (clearly, a career in accounting wasn’t in my future), the name hit me – CFN®, short for Classy Features and News®.

CFN® is about you. What would you like to see? What is going on in the world you would like to know more about? Feel free to contact us at cfn@cfndaily.com. This site is a resource for you. Thank you in advance for helping make the site even better.

You are the classy lady who smiles when it’s easier to frown, who confidently says what she thinks, and who believes the world truly can be a better place. It’s more than a cliché. Every day that you make better, classier, happier is a good day.

Can’t wait to get to know you. Hope you enjoy exploring CFN®!



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